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Behind the canvas

Behind the canvas, you’ll find people who eat outdoor life for breakfast, gear and equipment for lunch, and all of the above for dinner. Tasty!

The idea of creating a new Danish-designed outdoor brand had to start somewhere – and it began right here. At the home of a guy named Søren Bøgh. 

Søren has a long history with outdoor activities, in part as an active user who enjoys hiking, climbing, fly fishing and family camping trips, but also thanks to an illustrious professional career. Not only has Søren worked in various shops, but he has also been involved with an impressive list of brands in this segment. To top it all off, Søren has worked with product development of tents, sleeping bags, boots and rucksacks.
Behind the Canvas
When you’ve spent many years immersed in the world of gear, equipment and travel, you’ll sometimes find holes. Places where something seems to be missing.

Søren discovered this hole together with Jonas Nørregaard. Like Søren, Jonas has a long history of going on adventures to some of the most distant lands on earth as well as professional experience from the outdoor industry – albeit from the communication and visual side.

Throughout his career, Søren developed a close relationship with some of the world’s best equipment manufacturers, particularly in China... And now you must be thinking, ‘Surely China knows nothing about tents and that sort of thing!’ But actually, they are among the world’s best when it comes to outdoor equipment. And this is something many big brands have discovered, we hasten to add. Unfortunately, there is a long chain of middlemen between China and the Danish shops. And lots of people need to earn a little along the way, so by the time the products reach Denmark, they are often outrageously expensive.

And this is exactly where they found the hole. Why should it be so ridiculously expensive for regular people to go on a ‘proper’ trip without being ripped off? Particularly since all these middlemen, who increase the price of the product, are simply unnecessary. After all, Søren had already made friends with those skilled Chinese folks.

So he and Jonas decided to create a line of top quality tents, sleeping bags and sleeping mats at prices that almost everyone can afford. Designed in Denmark, made in China and shipped straight back to Denmark... without a single stop along the way.

A Hole in the System
Nothing beats being out in nature – be it nearby or far away. And money shouldn't be a barrier that prevents you from going. From getting some much needed peace and quiet... and some fantastic experiences.

An entirely new product line, which can be seen as a tribute to that soul-cleansing peace and intimacy that you get from travelling. That was actually how the name came to be. TLT comes from “TELT”, the Danish word for tent. It also stands for the abbreviation Tranquil Lifestyle Tribute. 

However... Søren and Jonas needed someone to play with. Someone who, one way or another, could share the passion and the philosophy. But first, they had to find the right partner. They looked all over Denmark and also abroad. 

After lots of talks and deliberations, they found a playmate. In Denmark, there is an equipment shop called Eventyrsport. And Eventyrsport was the perfect match. Because their entire DNA is based on the idea of selling quality equipment to ordinary people who dream of getting out there just a little more often. And at reasonable prices.

Then they needed time for design, do-overs, more do-overs, samples, tests, adjustments, more adjustments and finally, one day, they launched their first TLT products on the market. 

And we sure are brimming with pride. 

Several of our TLT products sold out quickly. Our gear has been tested and received excellent reviews, but even more importantly, we got SO many high-fives from enthusiastic people who used our products on their outings. So many, in fact, that it almost makes us blush. Thank you! It worked. Yippee!

There are lots of new things in the works. 

We’ve barely got started. 

Just wait.

Get out!

Good friends in China

An important difference is the way we choose our business partners. This decision is based on personal relations rather than how cheap we are able to buy our products. We only work with suppliers with whom we can build an equal partnership. We are not pushing our suppliers to cut their profit. In return, we trust that they are not cutting corners when it comes to delivering high-quality products.
Our suppliers are all very specialised in the product category they produce. Thanks to many years of experience, they are able to enhance our designs with their own ideas and technical solutions. All of the suppliers work with highly recognised international outdoor brands. This brings an even deeper level of knowledge and expertise, which can benefit the quality and functionality of our products.

Textiles and stuff gearjunkies dream of

We work closely with sales staff, sample room staff and employees, which results in a very good understanding of the details and quality that we are expecting. A knowledge that would be lost if we were shopping around, searching for the next supplier who was willing to cut prices to secure our order.
We only work with a handful of carefully selected companies and therefore we have built a relationship with our partners which goes much deeper than business. We have spent time with most of our contacts outside of the office and they are truly considered friends.

Carefully picked co-lab

The TLT project is an independent joint venture between like-minded people that carries the torch together. To keep the flame burning, we teamed up with the best match on the Danish outdoor scene - Eventyrsport. A chain of retail shops carrying a wide range of outdoor equipment, and some of the strongest brands available.

Eventyrsport has a focus on the broad mass of people that wants to enjoy the outdoors in a non “extreme” manner. Family canoe trips, The Camino, a weekend hike, and all kinds of everyday outdoor gear needs. A perfect match for the TLT brand.

It is also crucial to us, that our dealers deliver the level of service and expertise, that you as an end user, should expect from a high-quality brand. Therefor we choose our co-labs with the same selective approach, as we do when choosing our production partners.

Hello world! Eventually we would love to see the TLT products in other markets, but we are not in any hurry. And again, only with partners where our values are well reflected.

Søren Bøgh 

Product Manager, Designer and gear guy

Søren is a good example on a guy who has built his knowledge and experience with learning by doing. He has constantly improved his knowledge by a true interest for products, and how they should be built to perform in the right environment. Søren started his career in outdoor retail where he learned a ton buy talking to all kind of customers and end consumers. A product is only perfect if it is used in the surroundings for which it is intended, he says. Learning to listen to what the customers actual needs, has taught him something very valuable.
Søren is a living manifestation of a gear geek. He knows all there is to know about materials, production methods, and how stuff reacts in different environments. And above all he designs stuff that he truly believes in and products that he enjoys bringing on his own adventures. He believes, that if it works for him the places he goes, there is a good chance that it works for many others with the same pursuit for adventure.
Søren is 40 years old and lives in South Jutland with his wife and twins in a small cozy village, with direct access to nature from his back yard.

  • 1998 – Alaska – Fly fishing trip in the outback for 3 weeks
  • 1999 – Sweden - Kepnekaise – Hiking trip
  • 2001 – New Zealand – South Alps solo hikes for 2 months
  • 2002 – Canada – Mountaineering course, ice climbing and randoné skiing
  • 2003 – Greenland – trekking Kangerlussuaq – Sisimiut for 3 weeks
  • 2004 – Nepal – Mera Peak Climb 3 weeks
  • 2007 – USA – Road trip with numerous hikes in Utah, Nevada, and Colorado for 6 weeks.
  • 2009 – Europe – Road Trip with many hikes in Austria, Italy and Switzerland – 5 weeks 
Since he become a father he has spent most of his holidays and weekends with introducing his kids to the joy of nature. Canoeing, hiking, skiing and camping both nationally and abroad.
Søren has over the years received a high number of products awards for his designs, with three Outdoor Awards from the European Outdoor Fair as the most prestigious.
Jonas Nørregaard 

Visual composer and adventure seeker

Jonas is 47 years and live with his family in the countryside. Jonas has been working with design, advertising and content production for the main part of his life. Jonas passion for the outdoors and adventure has brought him from the cozy landscapes of Mols Bjerge where he lives. To some of the worlds most remote places.

He Combines adventure and a back catalogue of creative work and experience in the effort of telling the story of the TLT brand in the best way to do that. By going out there himself using the gear.

  • 1990 – Kungsleden -Abisko Kebnekaise Sweden -Trekking
  • 1991 – Climbing course Kebnekaise Sweden
  • 1992 – 14 days canoetrip Glafjorden Sweden
  • 1992-2000 Free climbing Sweden and france
  • 1999 – Canoe expedition Thelon river Nunavut arctic Canada -Canoe -Two months
  • 2000 – Canoe expedition Dubawnt river Nunavut arctic Canada -Two months
  • 2001-02 Tasiilaq One year on the eastcoast of Greenland
  • 2002-13 Hunting trips to Greenland -Living on the land
  • 2014 25 Day dogsledge expedition Kangerlussuaq backcountry 25 days
  • 2019 NANOK expedition Dove Bay North East Greenland

Member of the Danish Canoe Expeditions Club since 1999

Jonas has won numerous creative awards and prices. A.o.: Creative Circle award, Cannes Lions, Epica, D&AD

Whats coming up dude!

We are extremely proud of the collection we have developed over the last couple of years. The overall feedback from both professional device testers and satisfied customers has been more positive than we could ever have hoped for.
Despite this fact, we are still working hard to develop new categories and to improve on existing products.

Since spring 2020, we have already introduced a wide range of self-inflating mattresses based on our fantastic Z-Core design. We are confident in saying that these products will outperform any other self-inflating mattress in the market. When it comes to the combination of weight, comfort, quality and price, these mattresses are simply superior.
Next season, our existing flagship LY tent range will be supplemented with another high-quality tent range known as LÆ. You will find many of the same great features and details that we use in our LY tents, but with a more affordable PU-coated polyester fly sheet. As a result, the price points will be around 35% lower.

We believe in the value of good accessories, which is why our high-quality and super-lightweight dry bags will be available very soon. Made from siliconised nylon, with an ITX buckle and Hypalon closure, your gear will be well organised and protected, with minimal added weight.

Stay tuned and keep an eye on our web page. The new products will be available to view from early spring.

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