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Our sleeping bags

If the TLT sleeping bag range was a car company, we would be the VW Group.
We feel we have sleeping bags to satisfy all requirements, from the price conscious “Skoda”, the dependable “Volkswagen”, the top-performing “Audi” and the luxury “Porsche”.
Considering the modest size of our company, we have a lot of different sleeping bags to choose from.
And why is that? That is because we want to have the right product to suit all activities and budgets. Some customers may be setting off on their first hike or scout camp. That consumer should not be missing out on high quality, just because the budget is limited. Others need a sleeping bag which is going to be used more often, therefore the demand for a higher performing product is more critical.
And finally, we make sleeping bags for those who really take on the elements, where a top-quality bag can make the difference between disaster and success.
Our collection offers both down-filled bags and bags with synthetic insulation. Super-compact summer travel bags and bags that withstand the bitter winter cold.
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With our sleeping bags, we generally focus on using fabrics that are light enough to pack down small and supporting the loft in the bags. We use high-quality fibre insulation that is bonded to stay in place, even after long-time use and numerous washing cycles.
Our down is all traceable and RDS-certified to ensure high standards of animal welfare and quality.

Enjoy the night 

We rely a great deal on ergonomic shaping to make sure that you, as a user, will have sufficient padding where you need it the most and to allow some freedom of movement. In other areas of the bags, we taper the shape to eliminate dead space which would cool you down. Good adjustability of the hood and shoulder collar is essential to keep you warm on colder nights, and quality zippers extend the lifespan of the products and reduce the risk of snagging.

Dive into our collection and find the bag that fits your adventures down to the ground.

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