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Our Sleeping Pads

Have you ever considered the value of a good night’s sleep when you are in the wild? The way we see it, a mattress is probably the most important product to ensure exactly that.
A mattress works as a protective shield against bumpy, uneven ground and keeps you insulated from the cold. Even the best sleeping bag will not be functional unless you are well protected from below. It is not a coincidence that we at TLT are investing a lot of time and energy in developing top-performing mattresses.
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From feather-light to over-sized luxury foam

To us, a good mattress is thick enough to keep you off the hard ground, insulated enough to keep you warm, small enough to easily transport, strong enough to prevent leakage and has a valve to ensure effective inflation and deflation.
All of these points have been considered when developing our collection of airbeds and self-inflating foam mats. Our collection covers everything from feather-light airbeds for short-term light use to over-sized luxury foam mattresses to rival your own bed.

The Challenge

We challenge you to find any product in the market that can compete with our Z-Core mats.
The balance between quality, comfort, performance, weight and price is second to none!

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