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Our Tents

In our opinion, a tent should not be a crowded shelter you crawl into when it’s time to sleep. We believe that your tent should be a place you enjoy using as your safe and comfortable home away from home. A place where you look forward to staying, even for longer periods of time.
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Dont carry more than necessary

We know that there is a lot of hype surrounding super-lightweight tents, but to us a tent should not just perform well when you carry it in your backpack. A lightweight tent has little value if the strength and stability will not keep you safe and comfortable.
However, we realise that no one likes to carry more than necessary. That is why our focus, when designing tents, has been to find the perfect balance between comfortable space, durability, functional details and lightweight materials.

Perform in the climate

Another focus point for us is to make tents that are able to perform in the climate and terrain where they are going to be used. We know that most of our customers will be using their tents in Northern Europe. Strong constructions and reliable waterproofing are essential to beat the elements you might encounter on your travels in the Scandinavian mountains. Even a rainy summer holiday in a canoe can be a challenge if you cannot trust your tent.
Super-lightweight and compact dome tents made with mesh inners are great when used in a warm and dry American desert region, but are simply not the right construction for our climate.

Take a closer look at our tents and discover all the details and high-quality materials designed to give you the best possible experience in the wilderness.

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